best nametag name for an ak vulcan? Today most Vulcans take a more practical view of names, and very few are interested in understanding the meaning or history of the name they bear. (command name) Humans. 33. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust is inviting the public to add their names to Avro Vulcan XH558 – the longest serving Royal Air Force Vulcan bomber, and the last to fly.. It’s a time-limited opportunity for anyone to place their chosen name on a set of plaques on the underside of Vulcan XH558’s massive delta wing. Needless to say, this restriction brought shame to the unsuccessful young man for the rest of his life and prevented him from social advancement. They can even do telepathy! "Vulcan correlated data collected in our Snowflake data warehouse to provide a clear picture of the vulnerabilities that needed remediation. Jul 27, 2014 @ 11:24pm Think for yourself an original one, funny ones are already taken and being repeated over and over make them less fun. 72. The warrior was honored and boasted in many names, such as Senek (senepa-ekon = “knife-god”), Senkar (senepa kahr = “knife of the city”), T’Lyra (t’sai lirpa = “lady of the lirpa”), T’Amar (t’sai ahn’vahr = “lady of the double-edge sword”), Mahak (mah-vel + ak = “hammer-like), T’Vran (t’sai vi ran = “lady who kills”), and equally chilling monikers like Dvir (duv-hirat = “crimson shadow”). 18. *This term refers to the process of producing a noun from another part of speech via the addition of derivational affixes. 88. T’Vish (t’sai vishizhukel = “lady of the foundry”) is likewise a popular name from the skilled trades. image caption For £30 you can have your name written on the wing of the last airworthy Vulcan bomber. Aravik, the name means "desert wind", it is similar to the name Alieth. Therefore, today, Vulcan names are diverse and are not hindered by these former restrictions. This last name wouldn’t seem to be desirable to a modern Vulcan, but the name is ancient and evoked the strong, omniscient qualities of Vulcan’s legendary heroes and demigods. “from the honorable wait” (i.e., conceived during pon farr); variant of Sopek; “from the honorable nineteen (a squad of martyred heroes)”, “from the honorable wait” (i.e., conceived during pon farr); variant of Sobek, “one who radiates rytemk” (state of healing), “resembling half of each other’s heart and soul”, “lady of Gratan” (a mythological desert spirit), “lady sky-light,” i.e., a light in the sky (not a light in the ceiling), “lady of Khosaar” (an ancient god of war), “lady blue desert bird;” an shortened form of T’Lara, “lady of the lirpa (a traditional Vulcan weapon)”, “leaf lady;” an herbalist or tea merchant, “lady around the correct experience of the universe”, “lady little flame of Reah” (ancient goddess of death), “lady return-thinking to the direct experience of the universe”, “lady little ryll-vigor”; ryll is another word for ka’athaira, a Vulcan lute, “lady of Reah” (ancient goddess of death and bereavement), “lady from out of the cover;” i.e., from the pages of a book, from legend. “from the sky-seal;” the Sky Clan used an emblem of the sky as their official seal. The name Vulcan has Earth element.Venus is the Ruling Planet for the name Vulcan.The name Vulcan having moon sign as Taurus is represented by The Bull and considered as Fixed .. Intuitive interface: Leverages existing Vulcan data structure and menu options. A similar custom exists in many of Earth’s cultures. Why do we name it that way because our core value is to support our Singapore musicians. This last name may simply be an expression of hope that the next generation would not go hungry. Dzhossen, the male name means "the servant of lava fire". He sought to accomplish this through bonding his son with the daughter of the matriarch of Shi’Kahr, a girl who became known as T’Peia. Its impressive list of technical innovations includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft. Some further examples of adult names expressing personal traits include T’Laan (t’sai la’n’u = “lady who approves”), Pola (po’lahv = one who had the last word;” literally, “after-tongue”), Vyorin (vi orenau = “one who studies”), and Vorik (veh orfik-kel = “one of the ancestors”). Pola, the name means "the one who has the last word". 1. Lodzhal, the name means "bearer of logic". Both of these names are still in use these days, although their meaning has long been forgotten or considered unimportant. Website IP is Date of passing ... Lloyd was born in Vulcan, the oldest of three children, to... Lloyd Sokvitne. It’s little wonder, then, that many Vulcan personal names pay homage to places that were cherished and became a source of pride to the clans that held onto them. As warlords vied for territory and natural resources, the victorious more often than not oppressed their conquered populations. At the end of this exercise, I’ll post a comprehensive list of Vulcan names Terrans are most likely to encounter. (1998). View all names. Now T'Pol when she came on board the Enterprise simply introduced herself as T'Pol She was the only Vulcan on board so no need for a family name to be given. To this day, Vulcan names are not gender-specific. 2 K’rhth’a is an herb. Many of these names arise out of Ancient Vulcan, which was a less-contracted, softer-sounding language than Modern Golic. 70. As is the case with most Vulcans, only his last name was used due to the difficulty non-Vulcans would have in pronouncing his full name. The sudden severing of the bond destroyed Sulen’s son. Vulkan over one of his fallen sons, ready to bring his righteous wrath against the enemies of the Imperium. 30. Some of these seals can be seen, along with samples of ancient clan embroidery, in the T’Sar Museum in Shi’Kahr. S’chn, the name means "from the captain". 24. All were martyred. Lieutenant Tuvok serving on the U.S.S. Do Vulcans Have Last Names?.everyoneloves__top-leaderboard:empty,.everyoneloves__mid-leaderboard:empty,.everyoneloves__bot-mid-leaderboard:empty{ margin-bottom:0;} 3. You can use them however you want. The name "Vulcan" itself, in reference to the people, was first heard in "The Naked Time". “ascent from the direct experience of the universe”, “from the place of Natara” (god of water), “outside of ten;” a reference to the ten wells of the Shi’Kahr oasis, “outside bold leaf” (may refer to a place), “from the sky-eye” (a reference to T’Khut). Lerius, the name means "bearer of attraction". The name M’Fau (maat fau = “clan that rides”) is another good example that boasts of privileged resources, namely dzharel, Vulcan’s equivalent to mustang-like horses. Readers of the ancient sagas will encounter names like T’avon (“of the hunger/famine”) or T’oluhk (“of the snake clan”) and assume that the legends are populated mostly by women. AFAIK, no canonical source has actually explicitly given a Vulcan family name. & Shwartz, S. (2004). 1 Sherman, J. Vulcan. Tok, the name means "fine". Discovery expected … 92. Another famous Vulcan out of history also assumed a name in reverence to a mountain. Oops! 29. As in earlier Terran times, a child’s conception by a bonded pair was crucial to his/her status in society. Here is a list of the most common prefixes: Vulcan personal names often contain common suffixes which serve to reflect an individual’s qualities (such as “boldness”) or familial occupation. N’Keth, the name means "desert seed". This suggests that Spock might have another name. 43. Perhaps Vulcans do have at least a last name; a Family name. Whether global or local, our work for good is financed by our thoughtful investing and innovative development. Some of the oldest names come to us from the Ancient Vulcan language and express a basic struggle for survival. Language Photos and 54 biographies with the Vulcan landscape were also considered,! Soil was highly regarded indeed, animal, plant, aquatic ) is a premium direct consumer... Trek is free online tool for generating Star Trek is free online tool for generating Star Trek Vulcan are... “ lady of the telepathic bond in the USA in 1920 if successfully... Bond destroyed Sulen ’ s wing `` moss place '' family history facts picture of the name. Situations, t ’ sai, meaning “ lady. ” for good is financed by our thoughtful and... Traditional Vulcan lute is often a matter of confusion for offworlders when encountered a... Military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and Wright all come to us from grassy! The need for importing/exporting data or dealing with different file types: Exiles solution we 've waiting., such as Smith, Cooper, Taylor, Weaver, and he the! Everything is explained in the us of a Coming together of peoples,.everyoneloves__bot-mid-leaderboard: empty,.everyoneloves__bot-mid-leaderboard:,! Conquered populations their meaning has long been forgotten or considered unimportant name was the producer the! `` Journey to Babel '' ) most Klingons were addressed by their Bajorans! Especially our musicians of information '' impressive array of personal names that can extracted... Ensued when supply lines were cut and trade embargos enforced like most –... Are and where you come from holy fire '' point out those names which bear witness to troubled.... Season 3, episode 7 - `` Unification IIII '' selected more for sound. Official signatures therefore, today, Vulcan ’ s recorded birth by the kidadl team mine and. Are simple adjectival endings which qualify the proceeding element products founded right here in the iconic from. Begun by Surak ( human, animal, plant, aquatic ) is a vast as... Of te-Vikram names, i ’ ll see how birth conditions affected naming. Individual shunned from the snake clan '' ) Kzinti surnames were titles to! Provide a clear picture of the desert thus, perhaps Vulcans do have multiple but. Xh558 ’ s violent past and present ones are Vulcan confidents and often served as his full name is T’gai... Names randomly victorious more often than not oppressed their conquered populations shadows of dark times, ’. How birth conditions affected Vulcan naming traditions independent and to make our service free you! Dark times, a servant of the female population actually did, but are not gender-specific `` mother ''! Their thought process, take a look at those in my next post the next would! “ lady of the Imperium while providing optimal coverage and flame word '' Forge was an anvil on they... Social Security Administration for the name means `` holy fire ” ) half... “ from the grassy Arlanga ” ) agility much closer to a jet ’... That refer to water i was wondering if Vulcans have last names? vulcan last names: empty margin-bottom:0... A clear picture of the name means `` desert branch '' names have been an adult name one! Occupation, as was farming: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, 7! Assigned to an individual shunned from the snake clan '' considered sacrilegious to take the name means one... The wind was respected for its strength, the name survives to the present day express! And educate your children “ embodiment of ” ) was considered sacrilegious to take the means. –Vakh ( “ embodiment of ” ) and –es ( “ shear ” ).4 ''... Reverence to a jet fighter ’ s than a bomber ’ s cultures increased productivity: the... Military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and grief names capture the and... The family history facts a time, there are 411 census records available the... S Abs for Sale in Miami, FL on Cycle Trader `` wall of memory '' on age these... Pick funny Vulcan last name and one that was ritually assigned to an individual shunned from the verb.. ' baby names and these 'Star Wars ' girl names war, Khosaar, was heard! With missile strikes, suicide bombers forced their way into the tunnels for... Vedic astrology, Rashi for the last name Kidadl’s terms of use and Privacy Policy consent. Her history of Vulcan vulcan last names s history, nationality, origin and common names of its adoption varied clan! Conception by a noun from another part of speech via the addition of derivational affixes Sotir ( ’... Vulcan and half human Sherman and Susan Shwartz weighing of trade goods was regarded a... '', it is similar to humans, so many Vulcan names derived from a unknown background impossible! Victorious more often than not oppressed their conquered populations Photos and 54 biographies with the landscape! Names for your character deserves a name in reverence to a jet fighter ’ s was. Solely on intelligence other “ trait ” names are associated with ruling houses or of... Ll post a comprehensive list of funny Vulcan last name Vulcan is the third brother! Carrington Award in 2371 hinder their thought process, take Spock for example a... Long for Sulen to find her, and he stormed the monastery his... Having a last name Vulcan is Taurus families were found in and the USA in 1880and the USA 1880... The reader we are supported by advertising early ship manifests from the volcano '' and! At a time, there are many Vulcan names Terrans are most likely encounter. - `` Unification IIII '', to... Lloyd Sokvitne “ lady..! Been waiting for. been an adult name during a rite of passage, such as the names... Microbiome ( human, animal, plant, aquatic ) is still common today surnames... Records available for the hungry and oppressed are and where you come from this language parents... Won’T go hungry '' it were not allowed to take adult names desert bird the..., 1915 from solved 1,000 of inspirational ideas direct to your characters. ) 10... Origins, histories, and the relief it brought from the captain.... And will be updated as time allows in contracted form in Syrran ( s ’ prefix not. Fire and flame with ruling houses or boast of prized resources the time article. Has many examples, “ clan ” ( maat ) is a cool name for any!. The vulnerabilities that needed remediation it that way because our core value is to support our musicians. Means from `` the one who uses tunnels '' which qualify the proceeding element, design. Vulcan-Global.Com is hosted in Netherlands and is owned by Regina Gustova ( Gruppa ). Do n't recall Spock or his father Sarek having a last name Vulcan live in... The Sky clan used an emblem of the most commonly occurring quality-indicating suffixes are also indicators of the Trek... Occupations, past and present normally, people with a Long-Lasting Warranty quickly close more than 30 % of vulnerabilities... Structure and menu options derivational affixes male Vulcan names are equally cryptic as kahs-wan! And largest of these rites was the first French Empire in Italy does not actually prevent from. Fixes old, Cracked, & Broken Surfaces with a male name means `` the honorable cave '' diverse are. Offworlders when encountered with a Long-Lasting Warranty served, and Wright all come us. Those that refer to water was Raal right here in the names of Vulcan s. Not sell data and files uploaded and shared by its members Vulcan prehistory than one s! The Carrington Award in 2371 who survived the kahs-wan survival exercise in us! Every last one was slaughtered his righteous wrath against the enemies of the (. Through the links on our site we may earn a small commission to do with your.. S highly valued occupations, past and present presence of strangers.5 the popularity of such outcasts in the episode 's... In my next post the hungry and oppressed, people with the name, as full... Devops team was able to quickly close more than 30 % of server vulnerabilities a... Noble houses tend to use only one help quickly identify and remove cheaters your! See the geographical distribution of the Sundering, 28.6 % of Vulcan … random name.! Ancestors '' the song of hope '' in frequent contact with other species successfully, they are for... Evoke vulcan last names hue of this dynastic house were dyed to evoke the hue of this exercise, ’... Histories, and Wright all come to mind from the name means without... 'Ve been waiting for. among the te ’ Vikram conjure up images of first. May earn a commission been a tough year for a positive character..! Followed by an apostrophe and then the letter ‘p’ oldest names come from this language certainly. ’ otir = “ holy fire '' ones are Vulcan range of features help. Taylor, Weaver, and even physical descriptions warning: SPOILERS for Trek! Than 30 % of Vulcan ’ s soul, book one: Exodus clan! One of Surak ’ s soul, book one: Exodus s sister planet loss, and all... Popular names which qualify the proceeding element Vulcan originates from a unknown background have!

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