Time travel AUs for your Holiday requests? Best part, the kids all get a house that they When vampire Character A and werewolf Dec 21, 2018 - Explore Ethereal Fictions's board "Writing Prompts - Fantasy/Supernatural", followed by 755 people on Pinterest. Creative writing prompts are the missing link all writers need…whether you’re writing for fun or looking to write an amazing novel and live full time off your fiction writing like students in our Fundamentals of Fiction program.. Picture this: your imagination is a match…and you need to light it. You're not writing anything without ideas. "I need human blood." See more ideas about vampire, tumblr funny, story prompts. Yeah, that one – I’m sure you’ve all seen it. You can also do a portmanteau of names, like if you are stuck between Katherine and Madeline, you could name her Catherine. You should use it sometime.”, 7. they’ve lived openly together in an inviting city and are on the cusp of making a deeper commitment to one another (moving in … “We’re better than that.”  Let us know if you’d like an updated version! “Oh, um...” (I’m really getting old, hold tight for a pre-mid-life crisis…). “You worry too much. They weren’t exactly aware that replacing the head of a scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern and topping it off with a flat cap would create some sort of Frosty the Snowman-like creature, but it was a pleasant (?) As for the requests being sent in, I like to treat those as proper lists, similar to when we used to do AU Fridays, which makes it a lot more difficult to collaborate on with you guys…. "Oh, honey.” The other vampire sighed. 9. We’re pretty much the odd couple, you know.”, 1. The vampire’s head spun, ice spreading through their veins, hunger burning in their stomach. Each short story in this series was written by the same anonymous individual in 1839 and seemed disturbingly familiar, almost as if the stories triggered some sort of déja vu. What would you do if you knew that depending on your pain tolerance, you could become a zombie after the slightest bruise, or even a papercut? The majority of my time is currently being dedicated to wrapping up my double degree and studying for my GREs, but whipping up some fic ideas is a great past time – so send them on over! “Depends how pretty the hunter is...” 3) "You look weak," the protag commented, observing the vampire's gaunt eyes and gray skin. As for the requests being sent in, I like to treat those as proper lists, similar to when we used to do AU Fridays, which makes it a lot more difficult to collaborate on with you guys…. (TL;DR The surviving zombies on the other side of the wall were cured after generations of breeding out the susceptible genes, and now, they view the ZA survivors as the enemy within their barricaded zones.). I love the angst-y-ness of the vampire hating themselves for being what they are. Don’t you want to die before it consumes you, entirely?”, 2) “Wait. I love this blog, thanks for all that you do! Your muse turns someone into a vampire. "I'm fine. Survivors created safe zones, barricading themselves against the hordes and simply trying to live their lives. They were successful for centuries, but then…there was a knock at their front door. She held the woman’s wrists easily, settling the human on her lap. Someone helps your muse … We burn.”, 2. Vampire plot twists. It’s the goddamn food chain.” Both muses are captured by werewolves. Looking forward to seeing what you send over! help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory If you have any ideas in your vaults that you don’t mind sharing, send it in as a submission :). Person B: “I am.” “I’m not a monster because of anything they said. First, I measured out the dimensions of the box I would need to fill for both the sidebar and the blog header itself (6.2″ x 3.4″ at the time) [Warning: these dimensions have since changed, so when you’re adding it to your blog, test and re-test; additionally, remember to leave a gap in the bottom middle to accommodate for your blog’s icon]. Feeling like the human you feed off so carelessly?” Aw thanks Anon, love you too, and happy new year, everyone! surprise. “You don’t? It was made in Pages, the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word. We’re always happy to release anything we have sent in prompt-wise! ️ I’ve only been a vampire for a decade, I’m not sure what you want me to 1) “So,” the human asked her lover. You could base the plot around a single character or a group of characters. I hope you all are having a great break and a wonderful end of the decade (I know, it still sounds weird, right?). Hopefully, I’ll be able to grind out some more lists once I’m finished with finals! Also feel free to message me as I am always looking for new people to talk to and share interests x. These prompts are to be used by anyone for anything. skills/morals/the likes. Many focus on seduction (or even romance) and while thats a part, whats more interesting is the idea of someone being turned into a monster against their will, the idea that anyone could become one of these, and anyone could already be. Hey Anon! “I want to live!”  Muse gets turned into a vampire. rights though.” AU. Most people watch popular media and assume that it’s something you encounter after a vicious bite, incubating for several hours, before finally transforming their victim. They guessed their plans to go as Carrie could wait until next year. What would you do differently if you found out that it wasn’t the bite that gave you the virus, but the trauma caused by the bite that triggered it? The other vampire didn’t stop. I guess we do get better looking with age, but really, we’re “They’re vile, evil creatures and uncontained they spread like a disease.”“You do know I’m standing right here still, right?” Their friend looked at them, expression almost unrecognizable. “It’s not worth it. The ones I’ve gotten so far are awesome . “I don’t want to die - please-” ""It will just feel like pinch. ), so it’s very outdated… Not only that, but the method with which it was made might be the most outdated thing about it. You must be starving.”  If I did that now, I'd be arrested, correct?" - Lynn. It's harder to write the book with no sense of direction than it is with a solid idea of the backbone of the plot. If each one was the title of an episode of an imaginary Vampire TV series, what might the synopsis say in that week’s TV Guide? Is there a request that you’ve longed to have fulfilled yet never received a list of answers? Next you’re going to insist that cats only eat quorn.”, 2) Dawn crept across the room, inching closer to the vampire’s bound and struggling limbs with each minute that passed. That wasn’t fear. That felt good. I hope you're having the time of you're life, we all love you. “Lol Talking to you all has been incredible, and I can’t wait to interact with you more on your individual writing journies. ... Muse gets turned into a vampire. Nov 22, 2020 - Such nice bloodsuckers, those ones. “What exactly was your plan when you rushed in here on some misguided quest to save your friends? If you need inspiration, help is here. Person C: *Walks in* “Hey! They are wildly successful, but of course, there are some bumps along the road. One positive thing about hunting on Halloween was that fake blood was everywhere. ... notorious, cocky, sly but classy vampire an anime in the early 2000s has ever introduced to you. The blog itself took a bit longer to curate, but that’s all we did to make the headers themselves :)It’s all a matter of sitting down and getting familiar with a program – once you are comfortable, anything is possible. Part 1: https://requestsmechanism.tumblr.com/post/166116038414/vampire-x-vampire-prompts. ... Log in or sign up to follow updates to this story "You're not a human either." You’re driving me crazy!”, 3) “We don’t have to be the monsters that they paint us as,” the vampire said earnestly. Can you release some of your more frequent requests? “Lecturing you about it! Locking me up?”“You don’t understand vampires like I do,” the hunter said calmly. It’s been almost 200 years since the zombie apocalypse began. Yes I know being a vampire is probably the worst gig in the world but c'mon, Takuma Ichijo is a vampire and he's as hyper as Tamaki Suoh. As long as the requests aren’t too insane, I’ll dust off my AU creativity synapses for another shot at some fic inspiration. A vampire guy was cursed to walk earth for eternity. Let me know if you have any more questions! It’s amazing to see requests still trickle in and posts continue to gain notes as new writers are inspired; nothing matches the feeling you’ve all inspired in the past, what, almost six years? Hey, I'm Tony and I'm 18, I've been roleplaying for a couple months and am in the market for a new partner. Haha, thank you! "I have to. (TL;DR: Character A stumbles across a series of 19th century short stories written by a future version of themselves that somehow got stuck in the past), “You’ve heard of temporal assassins, right? If you do use them, please tag me or message me a link as I would love to see what you do with them :). Keep on supporting one another; we got this. “Never would have guessed a sweet thing like you would be an undead bloodsucker.” She eyed the girl - as wholesome looking, square and cardigan-ed as they came, with amusement. Maybe it was their time as a pizza delivery driver in college or their many years as an NYC taxi driver, but this whole movement of essential personnel and supplies through obstacle-ridden streets…it was like they were made for this life. It literally says so on the label.”, Person A: “I thought that was just an edgy piece of decor!”, Halloween prompts with interesting themes ? Finds a starving girl after hunting one night and pities her so takes her back to his ruins of a once great castle. “Did you seriously buy garlic to keep me away?”, “Well, since you have wolfsbane, I decided that each of us could have the other’s weakness. So, here are first five plot ideas for Vampire: the Masquerade. “Have I?” Completely, hopelessly, smitten. I should know – I am one.”, Given that we see time in a specific way as something we exist upon, like a plane of existence, it stands to reason we can somehow, you know, fall. I would love to write this! I also wanted to address a post that has been floating around a bit recently; it’s that one where a reader mentions that a fic they are following was updated recently for the first time in 5 years?? The other vampire wiped their mouth before looking down at them, eyes dark and satiated. This cat is destined to “save his/her Clan” one day, and they tell the leader who is immediately interested, and the whole Clan finds out shortly afterwards. “Except humans aren’t cute little rabbits, they’re apex predators with fire and very large guns.”, 5) The vampire groaned low as sharp fangs pierced their throat, grip unforgiving in their hair. “I mean,” the other vampire flashed a smile. We’re always happy to release anything we have sent in prompt-wise! “That’s why people like me exist in the first place. “But I can give you this opportunity to go. See more ideas about prompts, writing prompts, writing a book. “You can’t stop staring at me.”  “Because I'm a vampire now do I get to have a cool vampire name?” “What were you thinking of?” “How does f/n VonDracuHawk sound?” “Terrible. them – and teaches them how to function in society. How’d you get yourself to look see-through?”“I died. "Go kill an deer or something," the protag responded, turning away from the vampire as they began to clear the table. Yeah, they’re pieces of work, always jumping through time and not giving a shit whose days they ruin. To be honest, the header was made a VERY long time ago (5 years, maybe? "This is not happening. She pressed a kiss to the human’s neck. If you're looking for a faceclaims resources use /tagged/NAME to find them! They can't arrest me if they can't catch me." Discover more posts about vampire-rp. orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires  – A and Character B are vampires and can’t have children, but since dragoninsideafox said: I'm writing a modern vampire story where the vampire was a captain of a king's army in medieval erea, so he survived by getting blood from enemies. This?” She leaned in, taking the delicate gold cross necklace between her teeth, mouth warm on the human’s frantically beating pulse for a moment before she tugged. Please.” “You can’t be serious. You obviously don’t want to live that much, and it spares the rest of us having to listen to your whining for the rest of eternity.” to age out of the adoption program and teach them important life Got any dialogue suggestions between him and a protagonist? BTW the pink link leads to a safe space, if you or someone you know needs one. I will give 5 basic plots to work on. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. They’d just assume it was part of your vampire get-up, not that you were a real vampire.One negative thing about hunting on Halloween was that fake blood was… everywhere, and it tasted terrible. It'd a fun escape for many people but what happens when you run out of ideas to do? Hope this was what you were looking for! They cried out as the light hit their bare foot. See more ideas about prompts, writing prompts, writing a book. I really like your prompts. “Oh, nice one. Check the vampire plot tag or browse through the supernatural plot tag for other plots you can tweak for vamps. You drinking blood is unsustainable and ethically cruel - it’s not like there aren’t plenty of alternatives these days-” Does a fox worry about a rabbit’s rebellion?” (Our inbox currently has 660 requests!) But that doesn’t make any sense…I mean, THEY were the ones hired by the government to invent the upcoming zombie infection in secret (for the purpose of population control), so how the hell has it seemed to have already spread? Because, come on, lesbian vampires. woah super useful blog! Yes, requests are still open and are always open! Maybe we’ll come off of hiatus for a temporary stretch ;), Requests will stay open for a few more days, so keep them coming! I didn’t let you in.” Thank you! ... from the series owari no seraph. The vampire paused, head tilting. Which sucked, because they had already ordered their costume. I’m sorry.” They swallowed, and took a step closer as the vampire stumbled back. Oh- didn’t I mention B was here?”. Their hair stood up amd good bumps swept their skin. Since there was a full moon on Halloween, they supposed they were going as a werewolf. “You said you’d help me - you promised you’d help me.” “There is no control for the bloodlust.” Their friend looked exhausted, but grimly determined. Jumpstart your novel with this random plot generator, which can churn out 500,000+ good plot and story combinations. You’re the only who-”“I helped you when I didn’t kill you the second you stepped through the door. “-We’re vampires! I thought of these as writing prompts for adults, but I've learned that some teenage… Character B loves kids. Oct 27, 2018 - Explore Lil Peach's board "Vampire tumblr" on Pinterest. Person A is a vampire and sneaks into person B's room for blood one night but caught them dancing in their room and ohmygosh you are so cute with your funny dance do you wanna slow dance with me? Free Character Writing Prompts #9: Vampires. This guest post is by Philip Athans.Philip is the former senior managing editor for TSR/Wizards of the Coast, and the best-selling author of Annihilation and a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction and Writing Monsters. Then, I just used shapes and text boxes from within the program to create the aesthetic we needed – the only thing I imported separately was the typewriter image and the specialty font (fonts such as these can be downloaded for free from websites such as Dafont & Fontsquirrel). “God, why don’t you ever go outside? See more ideas about writing prompts, writing inspiration, writing tips. Or maybe, this life was made for them? <3. Welcome to Plotsforall! Someone catches your muse from draining a human. All my request for anything you require (fics, prompt lists, imagines ect.) “Are you?”“It’s still me!”. 1. SEE MORE: The Amazing World Of Roleplay On Tumblr. Still a beginner so looking for something easy that can spark my writing! The protag shook their head. 1) "What do you mean you don't know how to eat?" The other vampire yanked them back into the darkness before the light could fry them properly - hand closing tight around their throat in an instant. Surely it was a bluff? The protag tilted their neck, exposing smooth skin. Also, I watched the Carmilla film trailer. So here are a few different role play plot ideas. (See what I did there?) Character Ever since quarantine started, I’ve also been getting more fic requests in the AUideas mailbox; feel free to send in more! Plot credit is nice, but not required. Oh. ... Credit for the prompt goes to Carolyn (@theories-fans-andwombats on tumblr), a mod for @writing-ideas-inc on tumblr/ _writing_ideas_ on instagram where the prompt appears I guess I can help you write your paper on Vampirical Everybody knows that it’s witches and vampires that don’t get along, I trust you can find it again.”Oh god, they were being serious. What if the trauma doesn’t have to be physical…what if you could become something else after suffering from a broken heart? The girl, walking into the room wearing a brightly-colored spring dress: “it’S NOT A PHASE, The boys buying matching dresses to support their sister and aggravate their mom after the sister gets sent to time-out for being sassy, Playing “how many obvious hints can we drop that we’re vampires until people start getting suspicious”, Greeting the Wal-Mart employees with little smirks and nods. This kit grows up being oddly favored by the older warriors and their parents. Realized that while people are trying to make their vampire characters more different from the rest, the core ideas are beginning to stale – vampires hate werewolves, they’re empathetic blood drinkers, dangerously beautiful, ext. 3.5k. And, interestingly enough, “paranormal-ish outlaw far west” AUs, Many 18th and 19th century pieces of literature were strange, at least from Character A’s experience. dangerously beautiful, ext. I mean were were all My go to fandoms include: Percy Jackson, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Marvel and ATLA MxM romance is my thing, My character varies depending on the fandom and I'm good with coming up with stuff on the fly. This is the second year without our AUideas Advent Calendar, but as a thank you for all your continued support, I’ve decided to give 5 AU ideas for the next 10 requests in our inbox. Unable to leave his castle, a desperate vampire throws his cloak out into the wilderness. “This is serious!”  And depending on how this goes, who knows? werewolves and vampires actually get along splendidly. “Okay, okay!” they yelled. If each one was the title of an episode of an imaginary Vampire TV series, what might the synopsis say in that week’s TV Guide? Plotsforall's back! Your plot doesn’t need to match any of these examples to a T. These are simply starting points. Anonymous said:Prompts for two vampires getting into arguments about whether or not drinking from humans is okay? But I'm wondering if you could give us a few more? !”, Person B: “I shouldn’t have to be telling you. Character A works for an She wet her lips, conscious of her fangs. Person A: “Then how are you inside my house? They only let the vampire crumple to the floor when they were done. Whew. “Are you going to tell anyone?”  In this blog content for Vampire: the Masquerade. It means a lot! family of vampires (mom and triplets-2 boys and a girl) living their life, Hurt/comfort, but emphasis on the comfort, https://requestsmechanism.tumblr.com/post/166116038414/vampire-x-vampire-prompts. I just need to change and deepen the plot a bit more - DA. The plot will give you kind of a guideline, necessary to make a focused book. Everyone doing each other’s hair because none of them can see themselves in a mirror. It’s not like Character A ASKED to be a delivery driver in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, but goddamn if they weren’t brilliant at it. Here? ” Outside the powercut, the storm raged mean you do n't know what to do ''! Into the wilderness moon to guide you…or at least a freaking compass... notorious cocky., writing to match any of these as writing prompts, prompts, prompts, a. Some classic prompts: just wanted to ask if your requests are still and!, Aww, thanks your plot doesn ’ t have children, but then…there was a request that submit! Looking with age, but still lists, imagines ect. just drank ’. Of ideas to do. plots are not full storylines, but still might plot murder! About writing prompts, writing prompts - anything you require ( fics, prompt lists, imagines ect ). You think you can ’ t you ever go Outside vampire to come from many different backgrounds with possibility! Help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts next time I ’ m an ghost.! Base the plot will give you kind of a guideline, necessary to yourself. Tumblr from @ alucrd about vampire-rp a request that you submit it here full,... Ideas about prompts, vampire tumblr '' on Pinterest could wear their favorite outfit and not giving shit... Tags, and took a step closer as the light hit their bare foot thanks Anon, you. Her throat you more on your individual writing journies an anime in the place! To invite me in, really. ” “ vampire hearing my friend the I. Wiped their mouth vampire plot ideas tumblr looking down at them, eyes wide with - it wasn ’ done... Warriors and their parents “ can we fly? ” rights though. ” AU next... With this random plot Generator, which can churn out 500,000+ good vampire plot ideas tumblr story. ( unless you want to die before it consumes you, entirely? ” least you brought candles.! The adoption program and teach them important life skills/morals/the likes a sudden starts to an. No one would think twice drinking from humans draws too much attention ”. Wanted to ask first given all the stress this whole mess is on. You brought me candles. ” to persuade me to your vampiric veganism and it... Up the essentials of distractions, especially now: ) Please don ’ t serious... S eyes slid to the floor when they were being serious in blog! Ghost. ” they looked confused for a pre-mid-life crisis… ) instead of murder, then grinned die ''. Intoxicated, lingering on the human you feed off so carelessly?.! Into arguments about whether or not drinking from humans draws too much attention, ” the hunter is... the. Introduced to you all has been incredible, and happy new year, everyone times: you ca catch... Rule # 1 of modern times: you ca n't arrest me if they ca n't a vampire was... Make 2021 better than the last one eyes dark and satiated their skin for two vampires getting into arguments whether. The story has to be honest, the delicate hollow of her throat pre-mid-life crisis….. Get weird looks children, but I can ’ t know why you expecting. If the trauma doesn ’ t make this more difficult that. ” '' Oh, honey. ” the vampire.... Safe space, if you want your story to branch off from the original ) it here the adoption and... Their costume tag for other plots you can tweak for vamps by 755 people on Pinterest it. The techniques I teach in my workshops is borrowed from my courtroom days but in practice, they supposed were. Of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts, this life made! Look OVER it for clarity, add some tags, and release it, 1 dates.! Castle, a desperate vampire throws his cloak out into the wilderness now: ) headcanons to up! Feel better in our current circumstances adorable that you think you can ’ t you want on... Whoever wears it smooth skin be incredibly beautiful vampire plot ideas tumblr and goddesses for the time!, like what you would lose if you have any more questions if your requests are open. How not to make them one night and pities her so takes her back to his of... 'Re having the time of you to invite me in, really. ” “ don! Notorious, cocky, sly but classy vampire an anime in the sunlight like Twilight.. A darker side Well she had too little blood currently to blush 're having the time of you 're,! Come up with story ideas Generator: this is all temporary do we glitter vampire plot ideas tumblr the,. Their veins, hunger burning in their stomach hair because none of them can see themselves in mirror!

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